Heather Linton

From business strategies to best practices, Heather Linton has over fifteen years of developing and perfecting tools to succeed in a variety of industries. Her business knowledge comes from real-world experience, rather than the standard “book” learning often seen in consulting firms.

With a family background in entrepreneurship and small business, she learned the importance of corporate structuring and day to day operations in growing a successful business, while taking care to make the customer experience both satisfying and rewarding. As a result, at only 19, she moved forward with her husband, Chris, to form a successful pool maintenance business.

As their company grew, gaining a secure footing in the DFW area, she observed serious deficiencies in other areas of the pool industry. It was then she saw the opportunity to transition and provide services to pool owners that would result in much greater and longer-term benefit to them. Realizing the original build set the foundation for the life of the pool, she applied her strong organizational and communication skills to secure the resources and professional connections needed to offer new pool builds and pool remodels to prospective customers. She and Chris paired their unique individual talents and knowledge to create a widely sought-after pool build company.

The desire to help others is what has spurred Heather into her current area of business consulting. As others in her industry watched her business grow and succeed, she began to field questions from other business owners. She has been delighted to provide suggestions and excited to see others reap the benefits of putting them into practice in their own businesses. Her podcasts are both educational and entertaining but limit the scope and depth she can explore with others.

Integrity Consulting now allows both Heather and her clients to delve much deeper into the inner workings of the client’s business goals. Through one-on-one sessions, she is now able to more completely assist her clients in every aspect of developing and operating their companies at the highest levels possible.

Wayne Ivusich

A 31-year industry veteran and recognized industry expert, Wayne was the former Manager, Education & Technical Services at Taylor Water Technologies LLC, until his retirement in September 2022. Wayne is a CPO®, a PHTA CPO® Instructor, and is a member of the PHTA Instructor Assessment Committee. Wayne edited the chemistry and testing chapters of the Pool & Spa Operator® Handbook and is an author of numerous articles on a variety of topics related to pool/spa water chemistry and testing. He is a sought-after speaker in the pool/spa industry and is the admin for many industry-related Facebook groups. Wayne recently joined the crew of the Talking Pools Podcast as the host of Testing Thursdays with Wayne. At the 2022 IPSPE, Wayne was honored with the Bob Lowry Lifetime Achievement Award.

As a recognized industry expert on chemistry and water testing issues, Wayne has given thousands  of presentations, seminars, and webinars across the USA, teaching attendees valuable information to use in order to perform their jobs more effectively, resulting in greater profit.